Game Jams

These games were developed during gam jams in one day or at most a couple of days. Naturally, they are by no means finished or bug free. They rather display a game idea, based on the theme of the particular jam.

Text Control Adventure

Control your avatar by typing commands. You can explore places, pick up materials, craft tools and more. Just tell the protagonist what you want them to do (e.g. “Pick up the stone”). Can you solve the puzzle and discover one of three different endings?

Magnet Ball

In this game the player needs to score goals against an AI opponent. Turning one’s light red will attract blue balls and push away the red ones. For blue light, it is the other way around. Whoever scores the most goals in two minutes wins.


I made this prototype during a game jam, where the theme was “Roles Reversed”. The goal is to make it through an obstacle course as far as possible, but you control the obstacles. Using your mouse you need to dodge the ball, which goes faster and faster over time.

Hawk Down

Playing as an eagle, you need to evade homing missiles. Dodge rolling works similar as in many souls-like games, where you are only invincible at the start of the roll animation. Best advice is to roll right before a missile would hit.

Dice Clicker

This was my entry for GMTK game jam 2022, the topic being “Roll of the Dice”. I built a clicker game where you throw dice by clicking on them. Each dice throw earns you cash, which can be spent in the shop. You can buy additional dice slots, the ability to throw more dice per click and reduced cool down between throws.

First Person Pinball

Have you ever wondered what a ball feels like, being pushed around in a pinball machine? Here you go, this is a classic pinball simulation but you experience everything from the ball’s point of view.

Auto Attack Duel

Two players are dueling each other but they cannot control when to attack, as they are constantly auto attacking at random intervals. The player’s goal is to position their avatar in front of the opponent at the time that their own attack strikes and the enemy’s does not. When the next attack for either player takes place is indicated by a green bar over their heads. First player to get hit three times loses.

Zombie Desert

In this post apocalyptic scenario you are the last human on earth. Equipped only with a pistol, you need to fight off zombies on your endless search for water and food. Drink from water puddles to counter thirst and eat zombie flesh to regain health that was lost due to zombie attacks.

Void Rails

This is not really a game at this point but quite relaxing to watch. If only screensavers were a thing these days. Rail segments of random length, radius and steepness are generated. They are put together to make a railroad in space of infinte length. The camera sits in a cart, which follows the railroad indefinitely.

2D Space Shooter

A 4 player shootout in space. Getting hit by hostile bullets shrinks your ship, but you can counteract by consuming growth pills. But be careful, growing too big makes you an easy target! Time your recharging shield to block your enemies’ shots and then strike back to make them vanish.


Inspired by a classic game: As a frog, you need to cross streets full of cars and avoid getting hit. Cars become progressively faster with each completed level. The original idea was to also add rogue lite elements that allow the player to unlock frog upgrades that persist through death and make it easier to reach higher levels.

The Leaning Tower

Stack cubes to build the highest tower possible. Definitely sounds easier than it is. Acceleration of cubes needs to be metered carefully, to not only place them accurately, but also prevent them from crashing into each other.

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